The Metropolis

Unique among Austin apartments, The Metropolis caters to the unconventional. Our quirky family of tenants includes students, families, artists, musicians and activists of almost every stripe. We’re very big on having fun gatherings. We maintain a number of larger apartments for rent—even some four- and five-bedroom units—for larger families or student groups. There’s high-speed internet […]

Randy Werhane

President Randy Werhane is the owner and president of Arbor Property Management, Inc., a full-service, commercial real estate management firm. After graduating in engineering from Purdue in 1965 and the University of Missouri with a masters in 1967, he spent four years designing fighter aircraft for McDonnell-Douglas in St. Louis. After leaving to work for […]

Katherine Terry

CAPS, SCS/NCP-E – Property Supervisor Katherine has been a Property Supervisor with Arbor Property Management for 12 years. She received her associate degree at Lockyear Business College and entered the property management field in 1982. Through the years, Katherine has also received numerous certifications through the San Antonio and Austin Apartment Associations. She also graduated […]

Michael Robertson

CAM, CAPS—Property Supervisor Michael has been a Property Supervisor with Arbor for more than 3 years. He received his Associates degree in 1999 in business propelling him into the field of Property Management. Coupled with his degree Michael has earned multiple management certifications through the Austin Apartment Association, most recent his CAPS designation in 2005. […]

Our Team

Arbor Properties and its team members are highly skilled and dedicated to the overall success of our clients assets. It is with great honor that we serve their management needs as we look to provide the highest level of quality service not only to our owners but to our resident families as well. President: Randy […]


Managing residential rental properties in Central Texas—Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio—and Tuscon, Arizona.